October 27, 2014

The Spores of Time

I’ve been wanting to do something with mushrooms since a while ago. And since I’ve been making a series of toon-ish 3D renders/illustrations based on plants, I decided the next ones would be with mushrooms. (for some reason, I’m liking designing alien/fantasy plants a lot!) I wanted to make a mushroom just a tad different from the usual, so first I designed way more round than the usual ones. It’s almost like a ballon. But then that wasn’t enough, I needed something to make them different. I thought about layers, multiple caps on the same mushroom, colors, glows, even tentacles. And then one day I was taking a bath and found inspiration on the mos unlikely object: the drainage in the bathtub, which looks something like this: So I came with the idea of the mushroom developing holes on the […]
September 18, 2014

Work.in.Progress: Structures

Hey there! Well, I usually don’t upload WIP’s. But I thought that these were looking nice. And its a better way to appreciate the details before the final piece is complete. These structures are part of a larger illustration I’m working on. I modeled them in modules, so I can stack them up vertically and horizontally to a less extent. The lighting is just something random I threw in for this WIP. I’m still deciding on the final colors, shaders and overall look. It’s been a long time since I last made some sci-fi. Ironically, it’s my favorite theme. Tell me what you think on the comments below. More coming soon.
September 13, 2014

Summer Sadness Planet

Well, they say that if you ever come across a not-so-happy feeling in life, you gotta let it out somehow. What I did Made this in Maya and then painted over and under it in Photoshop. It’s an alien palm tree growing on a micro-planet. This work was a quick afternoon project, so I opted for a non realistic, geometrical style for the planet. It has hard edges and shapes Then the palm tree and the evanescent grass mixes the planet up with the contrasting dreamy, soft sky, which was paintbrushed real quickly, no detail and proudly showing the strokes. What do you make of it? How does the palm tree survives? What are those glowing things it grows and drops? Are they fruits? Are they tears? How did that planet ended up hollow inside? What happened? Summer was awesome. But in the […]
September 9, 2014

Refreshed Logo, Refreshed Website!

Maybe it’s the energy unloading that comes with summer time and all those happy afternoons at home or the beach. Maybe it’s because you meet new friends and you experience amazing new things in your life. Thing is, that it’s usually by this time of the year that seems like a good idea to freshen stuff up in your life to begin anew and full of rocketing energy for the year’s last quarter.   About my “new” logo First, I “changed” my logo. Well, trimmed it and left the inner ring. It’s a simplified version, more recognizable, with the same meaning: the creative process: you need to breathe the world in so you can breathe out creation! And another great thing is that people won’t go confusing it with the Ubuntu logo anymore! LOL   As for my website I also took away […]
January 16, 2013

Rubber Buttons: The Importance of Waiting

What is it that makes a wine… wine? Easy, it’s time. And what is it that makes the difference between a 2,99€ carton wine and a 300€ chateau? Well, more time! It’s curious that in our society so many people fear aging. When in fact, since the beggining of human kind (heck! Life!) aging has just made everything better. And arguably, even after we die we can become legendary. (Not in League of Legends) One of the things that the masses adore, but maybe fall short of being concious about, is the time it has gotten for their favourite things to gain the status of tímeless classics that now live in their hearts.  And more than that: the process they had to undergo.
August 20, 2012

Emotional Cue #001: ¿Como me veo en 5 o 10 años?

Típica pregunta de entrevista