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My professional profile is broad

As to always be on top of everything within the project I'm a part of. And there’s more to me than the technical part. I like meeting people, crash testing new ideas, doing research (even astrophysics and world history) and getting into the business (crazy) jungle.

3D Art Skills:

    • Environments90%
    • Characters50%
    • Special Effects, Lighting, Particles80%
    • Modeling & Texturing90%
    • Animation20%
    • Photorealistic40%
    • Toon, Stylised95%

General Creative Skills

    • Adobe Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects)100%
    • Maya95%
    • ZBrush65%
    • Substance Designer65%
    • Unity (As an Artist)85%
    • Agile + SCRUM75%
"I work best when I can get involved with everything and along everyone in flexible environments"

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