November 23, 2014

GameBCN – Week 2: The Road Ahead

It’s a known fact in the videogame industry that the most difficult part in a project is actually finishing it and releasing. But beginning ain’t no walk in the park! This week was a total metaphor: we began working on the first map of our revamped videogame, Tower Revenge. And working on that little map and it’s path was as hard as planning the work and goals for the upcoming 3 months and a half. It’s not only the amount of work and the skill challenges ahead. We also have to deal with each other. Each of us has it’s own personal approach on how the game should be, on how we should work, on the tools and methods, even our own philosphy towards the industry. And getting each other to look forward in the same direction is hard work […]
November 17, 2014

GameBCN – Week 1: It All Begins

November 7. The GameBCN began. The ultimate videogames incubation initiative in Barcelona, Spain.  And CORSEGAMES won a spot to participate. I’ll be posting my experiences from my position of Art Director during the following 4 months every weekend in my blog, along with development commentary on our upcoming mobile videogame: TOWER REVENGE. A little background It’s kind of difficult to make this brief, but here it goes: This project began as a very vague idea 2 years ago, something about a mobile multiplayer tower defense. Fall of 2012, Mateo Pereira, Gonzalo Orts and me shook hands for the very first time at a Starbucks in Passeig de Gracia. How could we ever imagine that over a year later we would be working hard on our videogame at the Starbucks in the lobby of the Marriot Hotel in sunny and techy San […]