April 29, 2015

Mashing The Buttons

What if it came a day when you became completely allergic and intolerant to even the slightest bullshit ? What if your well taught, decades-of-experience social filters just came off and all your burning honest thoughts came exploding into the world like a dam giving in to the insurmountable pressure? What if you gave a damn about “common sense” and just wanted to get rid of the chains of bullshit you’ve been dragging for so long? What if you arrived at the office 45 minutes late and before your insecure-selfish-disrespectful boss could utter another word of complaint you just said to him “I wasn’t going to make much in those 45 minutes. No one really works 8 straight hours and you know it. And I don’t smoke, unlike you who looses god knows how many minutes a day going out […]