September 13, 2014

Summer Sadness Planet

Well, they say that if you ever come across a not-so-happy feeling in life, you gotta let it out somehow. What I did Made this in Maya and then painted over and under it in Photoshop. It’s an alien palm tree growing on a micro-planet. This work was a quick afternoon project, so I opted for a non realistic, geometrical style for the planet. It has hard edges and shapes Then the palm tree and the evanescent grass mixes the planet up with the contrasting dreamy, soft sky, which was paintbrushed real quickly, no detail and proudly showing the strokes. What do you make of it? How does the palm tree survives? What are those glowing things it grows and drops? Are they fruits? Are they tears? How did that planet ended up hollow inside? What happened? Summer was awesome. But in the […]