January 9, 2024

And so it leaves, 2023. You’re sorely welcome, 2024

April 13, 2023


March 14, 2023

That 2023 mini-spring-BREAK

I'm going through *things*. And I kind of had it, so I'm taking a 10 day spring break, with an escapade in Valencia. This is my story. *dramatic logo intro*

Latest update: Tuesday, March 14th, 2023

January 4, 2017

2017: I don’t know. (And that’s a good thing!)

  First of all, this is not a new year’s resolution post or anything. I don’t like those. I feel it’s unrealistic and unfair to put so much pressure on your future self when you don’t even know if the situation will be appropriate for what your present you is demanding right now. You need to learn, evaluate, adapt. Which takes me to why I’m making this post: it’s a coincidence. It turns out I began studying an Interaction Design specialisation with the University of California San Diego just a month before the turn of the year. And it already has begun changing the way I think. So let’s say that I feel like taking 2017 as a year to apply what I’m learning (and then learn some more. A whole lot more). You see, nowadays people love to say […]
June 23, 2016

Burning All Illusions Tonight

Like… many years ago, enough for the past to bite back if you go there, I bought a t-shirt at a certain super popular store about pulling and a bear (sad, I know) that had a rather cool design for a change: a pixelated lighter and a big, bonfire-fire coming out of it. At the bottom the t-shirt read: “BURNING ALL ILLUSIONS TONIGHT”. Many years later (but still a few ago) I wore that t-shirt for my first San Juan festivities here at Barcelona. Since then, that phrase on a mass marketed cheap t-shirt has been stuck in my head every June 24th. So I felt like doing up something real quickly to keep the flame alive. The logs are complex and colourful, like our dreams, our illusions, our desires. And in nights like tonight, we just burn them up, […]
October 29, 2015

Opposites – Hybrid

Back in spring, here in Barcelona, the trees seemed to engage in a massive explosion of lush, effervescent green foliage. I remember walking down Rambla del Poblenou all enchanted, looking up like I was beholding the most beautiful sight in existence. I must admit I love nature and plants. And take my word for it: the trees were just beyond spectacular. So I took my handy smartphone and shot a panorama looking straight up from one of the Ramblas intersections. The resulting image stayed forgotten for all summer and out of nowhere I found it again now, in October, when those once lush leaves are now deliciously cracking beneath my feet as I walk the autumn dressed streets. With the help of a bit photo manipulation, fantasy music and a certain spicy chili + red pepper + cherry tea… this […]
April 30, 2015

10 Things (or more) I Hate about the Videogames Industry

– not meant to rhyme – I hate it when a game enchants me and I can’t think of anything else. I hate that there are so many titles, so little time and money that I feel left behind.  But also when there seems to be nothing to play. I hate how I feel frustrated when I suck at a game. I hate it when you violently push me out of this world while I’m listening to your soundtracks. I hate the toxic “gamers”, the fanboys, offensive people and the stereotypes. And the marketing teams who (mostly) nurture them and represent the ultimate evil within you. I hate your exclusives, region blocks, on disc DLC’s, free-to-play-pay-to-win model and “Season Pass” (whatever does that mean). I hate that you made me change my career in my mid 20’s so I could dedicate my  life to […]
April 29, 2015

Mashing The Buttons

What if it came a day when you became completely allergic and intolerant to even the slightest bullshit ? What if your well taught, decades-of-experience social filters just came off and all your burning honest thoughts came exploding into the world like a dam giving in to the insurmountable pressure? What if you gave a damn about “common sense” and just wanted to get rid of the chains of bullshit you’ve been dragging for so long? What if you arrived at the office 45 minutes late and before your insecure-selfish-disrespectful boss could utter another word of complaint you just said to him “I wasn’t going to make much in those 45 minutes. No one really works 8 straight hours and you know it. And I don’t smoke, unlike you who looses god knows how many minutes a day going out […]
August 20, 2012

Emotional Cue #001: ¿Como me veo en 5 o 10 años?

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