June 27, 2017

My entry for Sketchfab’s Resfreshing Summer Simulation Challenge: Exploding Ice Pops!

I used Autodesk Maya and its nparticle system to simulate a surprise sweet filling exploding from this summer-y tropical ice pops in the middle of the summer heat! Textures made during a really scorching night here in Barcelona using Substance Designer. See in full 3D here…:
September 30, 2016

The Enchanted Textures

So, you know how it is: we entrepreneurs have to learn 1000+1 things when fighting for our startups. In my case, aside from all the agile, scrum and business-y stuff, I’ve gotten old-school and spent a few nights awake learning some “hardcore” CG software. Since summer began I threw my claws towards Substance Designer. For those of you who don’t know what it is, it’s an amazing node based software that lets you create procedural textures. Errr… maybe that was still to technical. Ok: it’s a program that lets you create tillable textures (textures than can be repeated without the edges being noticeable) by “mixing” patterns, other textures and different effects. I knew NOTHING about it. Complete noob. But trust me: it’s a breeze! It’s a wonderful program and I can spend hours upon hours looking for ways of achieving the […]
June 23, 2016

Burning All Illusions Tonight

Like… many years ago, enough for the past to bite back if you go there, I bought a t-shirt at a certain super popular store about pulling and a bear (sad, I know) that had a rather cool design for a change: a pixelated lighter and a big, bonfire-fire coming out of it. At the bottom the t-shirt read: “BURNING ALL ILLUSIONS TONIGHT”. Many years later (but still a few ago) I wore that t-shirt for my first San Juan festivities here at Barcelona. Since then, that phrase on a mass marketed cheap t-shirt has been stuck in my head every June 24th. So I felt like doing up something real quickly to keep the flame alive. The logs are complex and colourful, like our dreams, our illusions, our desires. And in nights like tonight, we just burn them up, […]
January 8, 2015

2015: A Year to Discover!

A year begins anew! I don’t know about you, but for me that’s exciting as frack. And it means that its time for me to roll out my traditional New Year Illustration. This began as a super silly thing: just typing the year with some cheap effects and make a wallpaper for the computer desktop. And as I grew it became a somewhat more elaborate personal tradition. This year I turn 30, and it’s been 10 YEARS 10 years since I began this tradition! (the ilustrations are hidden around on the internet. If you follow my digital footprint deep enough you’ll find them, but I’ll refrain from posting most of them here since they’re quite hideous compared to my style and skill nowadays, lol!) For this year the theme is discovery! You have a succulent whole new year in front […]
October 27, 2014

The Spores of Time

I’ve been wanting to do something with mushrooms since a while ago. And since I’ve been making a series of toon-ish 3D renders/illustrations based on plants, I decided the next ones would be with mushrooms. (for some reason, I’m liking designing alien/fantasy plants a lot!) I wanted to make a mushroom just a tad different from the usual, so first I designed way more round than the usual ones. It’s almost like a ballon. But then that wasn’t enough, I needed something to make them different. I thought about layers, multiple caps on the same mushroom, colors, glows, even tentacles. And then one day I was taking a bath and found inspiration on the mos unlikely object: the drainage in the bathtub, which looks something like this: So I came with the idea of the mushroom developing holes on the […]
September 13, 2014

Summer Sadness Planet

Well, they say that if you ever come across a not-so-happy feeling in life, you gotta let it out somehow. What I did Made this in Maya and then painted over and under it in Photoshop. It’s an alien palm tree growing on a micro-planet. This work was a quick afternoon project, so I opted for a non realistic, geometrical style for the planet. It has hard edges and shapes Then the palm tree and the evanescent grass mixes the planet up with the contrasting dreamy, soft sky, which was paintbrushed real quickly, no detail and proudly showing the strokes. What do you make of it? How does the palm tree survives? What are those glowing things it grows and drops? Are they fruits? Are they tears? How did that planet ended up hollow inside? What happened? Summer was awesome. But in the […]