January 24, 2021

How Did it Feel: NO MAN’S SKY

From a rough start, to a galaxy of wonder. The joy of escape and discovery of NO MAN’S SKY is unrivaled. It will leave you wanting to own a starship and hit to the stars. To feel that joy of exploration in your own life.  I crash landed on NO MAN’S SKY, and this is my take on How did it Feel.
April 13, 2020

My “bitter emotional baggage” with Final Fantasy VII

How a game can symbolize so much in one’s life. Without haven’t even played it.
October 18, 2015

3 Videogames to play in Autumn / Halloween !

As the popular GIF portraying the Sanderson sisters say…: Yes! is that time of the year again! Initially the shock from the loss of beautiful and magical summer hits us hard. Maybe even depression ensues. But sooner than later you realize that is time for coziness, crunchy leaves, gloomy mornings, soft sweaters, coats, scarves, pumpkins, boniatos y castañas, chai tea, costumes, terror stories, candy…! Ok, ok, I’ll stop. You get the idea. Now, I recommend you 3 titles to get that orange spirit of the “year’s sunset” going with videogames! Because they’re such a beautiful and complete art form, these are sure to take you in deeper like anything else into autumn ! Costume Quest This is an obvious choice! It’s a videogame about halloween. In it, you take on the role of little kids who join forces to save […]
January 16, 2013

Rubber Buttons: The Importance of Waiting

What is it that makes a wine… wine? Easy, it’s time. And what is it that makes the difference between a 2,99€ carton wine and a 300€ chateau? Well, more time! It’s curious that in our society so many people fear aging. When in fact, since the beggining of human kind (heck! Life!) aging has just made everything better. And arguably, even after we die we can become legendary. (Not in League of Legends) One of the things that the masses adore, but maybe fall short of being concious about, is the time it has gotten for their favourite things to gain the status of tímeless classics that now live in their hearts.  And more than that: the process they had to undergo.