September 9, 2014

Refreshed Logo, Refreshed Website!

Maybe it’s the energy unloading that comes with summer time and all those happy afternoons at home or the beach. Maybe it’s because you meet new friends and you experience amazing new things in your life. Thing is, that it’s usually by this time of the year that seems like a good idea to freshen stuff up in your life to begin anew and full of rocketing energy for the year’s last quarter.   About my “new” logo First, I “changed” my logo. Well, trimmed it and left the inner ring. It’s a simplified version, more recognizable, with the same meaning: the creative process: you need to breathe the world in so you can breathe out creation! And another great thing is that people won’t go confusing it with the Ubuntu logo anymore! LOL   As for my website I also took away […]