What if it came a day when you became completely allergic and intolerant to even the slightest bullshit ?

What if your well taught, decades-of-experience social filters just came off and all your burning honest thoughts came exploding into the world like a dam giving in to the insurmountable pressure?

What if you gave a damn about “common sense” and just wanted to get rid of the chains of bullshit you’ve been dragging for so long?

What if you arrived at the office 45 minutes late and before your insecure-selfish-disrespectful boss could utter another word of complaint you just said to him “I wasn’t going to make much in those 45 minutes. No one really works 8 straight hours and you know it. And I don’t smoke, unlike you who looses god knows how many minutes a day going out to get some lung cancer“.

What if you told your manager that he/she doesn’t actually know shit about the business they’re in and that being expert in Jira and Agile is actually pretty lame if you don’t do something productive for the project?

What if when asked “How do you see yourself in 5 years” on a job interview you would answer “you clearly expect me to say that I see myself working here kissing my boss’ ass and never ever expecting a promotion or a raise, so why should I bother to answer the real logical thing: how am I going to know? Satan could come up from hell and hire me for twice what you’re paying and with dental health included”?

What if on a meeting you told a potential investor who’s obviously trying to screw you over on the long run that his offer sucks ass and that the conversation is over?

What if you told marketing teams in their face that it’s shameful how they perpetuate harmful stereotypes and how they tap into peoples most degrading emotions just to make a few more bucks?

What if you yelled that designing products thinking obsessively on how to squeeze the user for money actually sucks ?

What if you told those “business people” that artists are actually as smart as them and that they’re not going to screw you over? That actually their manipulation is that of a 3rd grader kid and you could see it coming like a lousy movie script?

What if you told that annoying co-worker “I fucking hate working with you. Each morning I wish you would just win the lottery and left to a mansion in Ibiza forever”? (see what I did there? I don’t actually wish them ill, on the contrary: be so successful that you skyrocket out of my life!)

Can’t we just go straight to the point? Can’t we just be honest on what we want and avoid the manipulation and hypocritical bullshiting?

I mean, to sell my product, do I really have to spend hours and days “designing” a speech, in a way that feels more and more like begging, being afraid of each single word I say and fact I provide so the mighty bankers or whatever will feel pleased and in their all benevolence consider to touch me with their gold fingers?

(On the subject of that “acting” to get professional recognition, can we point out at the massive bullshit party that is LinkedIn?)

What if you got openly pissed when a company tells you that if you quit, you must say it 2 months in advance and find a replacement? But if they fire you on a friday and tell you not to come next monday because they screwed up the budget you are supposed to say thank you and kiss their ass.

There are potentially infinite situations like these.

I, for one, I’m thinking of so many in my life, both in the past and the present. Then I can’t even say names and companies because “that would be unprofessional”. Oh but it sure was OK when the non-mentioned idiots were making my life impossible.

And yeah, maybe that emotional and “common sense” wall can hold up a little longer. But eventually for your mental and even phisical health you should just mash all the buttons and blow the fuck up, because dragging this bullshit from people around you will only make you heavier and unhappy.

I completely dislike writing posts like this one.

I’m a happy person. I could get angry at the selfish people who go out every day to make someone else’s life a little worse by being a dick from their position of power. But no. I have been given emotional intelligence. I will call your bullshit in your face. But then I’d politely say that I rather go somewhere else, for I don’t want to fight and we’re just incompatible.

I’m just tired of being all nice when there’s a lot of people out there who don’t deserve it.

And right now I’m tired of struggling, of waiting. I just want to find stability and be happy. Working with passion for what I like.

I’ve been talking with countless amazing people and I can see this same feeling in their eyes. They want to work hard at what they love, grow a lot, be at peace. Happy. Free. Respected.

And if anyone reads this and doesn’t like it, well, at least if we have to work together now you know how I feel in advance. And I, I win more: I’m free of you.

Think about it: what if you just mashed the buttons and combo the hell out of the bullshit surrounding you?


Think about it…

Adox J. Roig Oviedo
Adox J. Roig Oviedo
An intense creative who cannot stop doing what he loves.

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