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I've made videogames, VR, printed publicity, branding, apps, websites and helped defined products and strategies while riding on my fiery red bicycle. What do all those things have in common? I am a creative. I solve problems. I make things better. My job is to see what others don't. I'm an artistic crazy mind as much as I am a corporate suit. Plug me into your team and we'll power it up together. Living and thriving in the beautiful, artsy and technological city of Barcelona.

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  • TinkerLink App – Motion Graphic Branding Videos

    Short motion graphics animations for different branding/campaign purposes made at Cronos Group for TinkerLink: an networking app for freelancers and domestic workers to connect with clients. Click to watch the videos.
  • “Seedcircle”: Branding, UX and Responsive design in 4 hours

    This design was part of an assignment in the UX oriented Interaction Design online specialisation by the University of California – San Diego. As the name implies, we were tasked with making up a business, designing its branding and 6 mock-ups for a responsive design on desktop, tablet and mobile. Here are all the 6 screens: Mobile   Tablet   Desktop  
  • Opulix Micro Podcasts

    Promotional video template I designed and developed at Cronos Group for Opulix, an indie authors’ variety magazine. They needed a way to promote their articles better, and I proposed to turn some of them into “Micro Podcasts”. This After Effects template was specially designed so the content team just had to input the new information in text boxes, drop the audio and picture and “automagically” they’d have a promotional video without having to take time from the designers to make it. Optimisation!