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I've made videogames, VR, printed publicity, branding, apps, websites and helped defined products and strategies while riding on my fiery red bicycle. What do all those things have in common? I am a creative. I solve problems. I make things better. My job is to see what others don't. I'm an artistic crazy mind as much as I am a corporate suit. Plug me into your team and we'll power it up together. Living and thriving in the beautiful, artsy and technological city of Barcelona.

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  • Tower Revenge Game Art


    My entry for Sketchfab’s Resfreshing Summer Simulation Challenge: Exploding Ice Pops! Particle/fluid simulation with Maya’s nparticle system. Refreshing Sweet Sweet Sweet Summer! by Adox on Sketchfab
  • WIP: “Xemeneia 373 Project”

    A very early stage, work in progress screenshot from a larger project called “Xemeneia 373”. An enviromental steampunk VR piece inspired in the big “cheminees” scattered around Barcelona’s Poblenou district.
  • The M.I.N.D. Ship WIP

    A space fighter I’ve been working on. A very early, no textures work in progress. The design is also very conceptual, done directly in 3D (no drawing or sketching). CLICK to see and rotate in full 3D! The M.I.N.D. Class Star Fighter. WIP by Adox on Sketchfab