HONERUSH: Raw Passion and Skill

A first upload of one of 3 characters I’m working on. They represent different (not every) parts of my personality.

This is Honerush: he’s extroversion, energy, action, skill, power, passion, desire.

He represents the most “exterior” part of me.

His armor is light and flexible, because I like being unburdened and free.

He has huge double swords so he can attack quickly and powerfully in every direction. Like me. I like getting into everything, being blunt and notorious in my actions. Also, my words are sharp.

He has a harness, because I find it sexy. And I like that.

He has long ears, because he’s very sensitive to what’s said about anything, but mostly about him. Like me.

He’s body-suit is red. Because its powerful, draws attention. And it’s my favourite colour.

He has a mohawk. Because I love mohawks.

Here you can see him in 3D in two different poses:


And with his swords:

Made with Maya, Substance Designer and Photoshop. 

There’s a low-poly version clocking at 12K polys. Fully rigged and ready to animate. Some special blendshapes and driven keys were needed for the shoulder pads when raising the arms. And some more tweaks of this kind are needed. I’ll work on the polishing on all of the characters later on.

I hope to make the other 2 characters that form this trio during this year. Right now, I need to practice something else than characters. Maybe vehicles. Or an environment.


Hope you like it. Leave a comment below!

Adox J. Roig Oviedo
Adox J. Roig Oviedo
An intense creative who cannot stop doing what he loves.

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