Burning All Illusions Tonight

Like… many years ago, enough for the past to bite back if you go there, I bought a t-shirt at a certain super popular store about pulling and a bear (sad, I know) that had a rather cool design for a change: a pixelated lighter and a big, bonfire-fire coming out of it. At the bottom the t-shirt read: “BURNING ALL ILLUSIONS TONIGHT”.

Many years later (but still a few ago) I wore that t-shirt for my first San Juan festivities here at Barcelona.

Since then, that phrase on a mass marketed cheap t-shirt has been stuck in my head every June 24th. So I felt like doing up something real quickly to keep the flame alive.


The logs are complex and colourful, like our dreams, our illusions, our desires. And in nights like tonight, we just burn them up, because in this nonsense fast moving relentless world, in this storm of emotions, in life,  that’s all they might be for anyway.


Adox J. Roig Oviedo
Adox J. Roig Oviedo
An intense creative who cannot stop doing what he loves.

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