2017: I don’t know. (And that’s a good thing!)


First of all, this is not a new year’s resolution post or anything. I don’t like those. I feel it’s unrealistic and unfair to put so much pressure on your future self when you don’t even know if the situation will be appropriate for what your present you is demanding right now. You need to learn, evaluate, adapt. Which takes me to why I’m making this post: it’s a coincidence.

It turns out I began studying an Interaction Design specialisation with the University of California San Diego just a month before the turn of the year. And it already has begun changing the way I think. So let’s say that I feel like taking 2017 as a year to apply what I’m learning (and then learn some more. A whole lot more).

You see, nowadays people love to say they’re always right, that they know so much about everything. They like taking decisions and being perfectly right on the first try. This is in general in life on a personal and professional level. Back in Christmas eve I was talking with a family member and he was telling me how the company he works at had made this horrible mistake on one of their client’s website just because the CEO was too stubborn and proud, so instead of doing research, testing and listening to user/client feedback, he wanted his “genius decision” to remain final.

In (proper) interaction design you’re not supposed to be some kind of genius who magically knows what people want. NO. You’re supposed to be a humble researcher who knows a little and needs to know more. And when you know more, then keep researching in case of knowledge changing. You need to be strong enough to say: I do not know. Let’s find out!. 

And taking that attitude takes a huge amount of weight off your shoulders while at the same time raising the odds that you’ll succeed. We’re not throwing darts here. We’re doing a job. Or in a personal level: we’re trying to enjoy our lives. So be humble about not knowing. Research, learn. And be happy when you find nothing or stumble upon the wrong answers, for your path has become clearer by knowing where not to go!

This is the essence of interaction design, game design, UX. And it needs to permeate into every other discipline in every industry as a way of working in your company (specially for proud CEOs…). And also to personal life. Find the joy on exploring, not just “being right”. Become a Nathan Drake, a Lara Croft, an Indiana Jones. Have fun and excitement finding out the answer!.

So, resolution? Well, I guess. Make the strong resolution of being humble enough to say “I have no idea, I don’t know. Let’s find out!”

Now go. And keep rockin’!

Adox J. Roig Oviedo
Adox J. Roig Oviedo
An intense creative who cannot stop doing what he loves.

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